Ho Chi Minh City, March 10, 2022, Digiworld Corporation – “DGW” officially became the authorized distributor of Microsoft for ESD product lines in Vietnam.

ESD – i.e Electronic Software Distribution or Electronic Key is a form of electronic copyright distribution via email, supplementing the form of full packaged product (FPP) currently popular in the market. Through the connection system of Microsoft and its authorized distributor Digiworld, ESD helps ensure that customers can download and install Office and Windows in the most quickly and easily manner.

Digiworld will distribute a full range of ESD products including main products such as: Office Home & Business, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Office Professional for the commercial segment and small and medium-sized enterprises in addition to Windows Pro FPP version.

Digiworld's genuine distribution of products from Microsoft also contributes to bringing many benefits to end users and agents thanks to the advantages of distributed ESD product lines. Specifically:

For agents: reducing costs, typically warehousing costs, speeding up purchase interaction between buyers and sellers, diversifying commercialized products, and the ability to expand business scope. In addition, electronic key also helps agents to be more proactive and the goods are always available 24/7.

For end users: the electronic key will be sent directly to the registered Email address after completing the payment, so higher safety and security are met. In addition, users will also easily and proactively activate the key through detailed instructions in the email. And if needing support, users will have up to 2 options from Digiworld or Microsoft's support team, in a fast and professional manner. From March 10, 2022, Microsoft ESD products will be distributed by Digiworld at all agents nationwide. With a widespread agent network in 63 provinces and cities, we hope to help Microsoft products reach agents quickly and save operating costs the most.

Digiworld’s becoming the authorized distributor has opened up many opportunities to access and meet the increasing technology needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and end users within Digiworld's coverage. With Microsoft, the corporation has one more prestigious unit to help bring its products closer to Vietnamese technology users. As for Digiworld, the distribution of Microsoft products helps the company fulfill its objectives of continuously expanding, serving and diversifying product lines, reaching more and more customers and creating competitive advantage in the market by providing genuine services and software to consumers.