Sunfonda Audi ice experience recruitment


This is an exclusive Carnival integrating Ice Challenge and Audi lifestyle. Here, Audi will feel the charm of ice with you, appreciate the lively ice adventure and wonderful interactive experience, and share the passion on ice.


"Driving my ice home" activity created by Audi


We will share the ice and snow and feel the winter with all Audi owners


Let Audi ignite your unlimited skiing enthusiasm.


As an active promoter and excellent inheritor of ice sports culture, Audi has always spared no effort to promote ice sports, convey enterprising spirit and interpret the infinite possibilities brought by sports.

Activity forecast

Long distance ice hockey shooting: each person has 10 ice hockey balls, hits the ball with an ice hockey stick at 20 meters, enters the goal and scores 1 point.

Sled relay race: each team consists of 10 people and 2 people in a group. One person sits on the sled and the other pulls the sled on the track; When reaching the end point, hand over the other two players of the same team, pull back to the start and end point, that is, the end of the game. All members of the winning group count 1 point.

Tug of war on ice: divide the family into two teams and PK on the same stage. Two groups of families carry out tug of war on ice. The winning family will get 1 point

December 4th
Taiao square ▪ Aojia ice Club
B1 / F, taiao Sunken Plaza, 275 Fenghe Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an
Note: the recruitment quota of this activity is 20 person times, and the registration is completed