New, large-format J-Curved displays

DATA MODUL expands its curved display portfolio with new, large-format J-Curved models

DATA MODUL, one of the leading specialist providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions, is expanding its current curved display portfolio and now also offers J-curved displays with different radii in addition to the already available C-curved displays. Thanks to their special design and large diagonals, curved monitors are an eye-catcher and are used primarily for slot machines in the gaming sector.

The expansion of DATA MODUL's curved display portfolio gives customers even more product design options. For example, when installed vertically, J-curved displays in particular can be used to create complex three-dimensional designs for gaming and vending machines. As usual, the displays are available both individually and as a complete system, and their curvature can be adapted to customer requirements as far as technically possible. In addition, DATA MODUL offers an in-house developed and pre-configured UHDII controller for controlling curved displays. Together with other components such as individual LED lighting concepts, touch screens and matching accessories, customers can choose from a wide range of display solutions which can be used to quickly and efficiently realise even extraordinary product designs.

“Our J- and C-curved displays are available both individually and as complete monitors and can be adapted to customer requirements thanks to a wide range of customisation options,” explains Dr. Xue Li, Product Manager at DATA MODUL. “At the moment, J-curved displays in particular are becoming increasingly popular, as their special shape makes them particularly eye-catching and thus offers new, innovative possibilities for applications such as slot machines, vending machines or digital signage.”

Technical features of the new curved displays:

  • 43“ J-curved display with different radii
    3840x2160 UHD resolution
    500nits brightness
    Wide view technology
    lifetime: 50k operating hours
    Touchscreen (PCAP)
  • 55“ J-Curved Display with different radii
    3840x2160 UHD resolution
    min. 500nits brightness
    Wide view technology
    Lifetime: 30k operating hours
    Optional: Touchscreen (PCAP)

First samples of the new display models are available now. Furthermore, in addition to the two new displays,  J-curved and C-curved displays are also available in the sizes 49" and 50" on request, depending on customer requirements and order volume

Interested? Contact your DATA MODUL sales partner for further information!

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