Vale informs on the Elephant dike

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Vale informs on the Elephant dike


Vale informs that it has initiated the level 1 emergency protocol of the Elefante dike, located at the Água Limpa mine, in the municipality of Rio Piracicaba, MG. This measure became necessary after erosion on the structure’s right abutment, associated with the heavy rains that hit the region, a situation that demands corrective actions, already initiated by the company. The Elefante dike serves to contain sediments and is being decharacterized. Its construction was carried out using the single-step method and its current sediment volume is around 200 thousand cubic meters.

Vale emphasizes that the Elefante dike’s overall stability was not compromised and that there is no permanent presence of people in the corresponding Self-Rescue Zone. There are also no impacts on the company's production. The anomaly was reported to the authorities and to the audit of the Public Prosecutors’ Office of the State of Minas Gerais and continue to be monitored by Vale's specialized teams and by the respective Engineer of Record. Vale maintains the continuous management and monitoring of its dams and geotechnical structures.