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ONE FOSUN CSR Week: Fosuners Bring Warmth to the World with Global Philanthropic Campaigns

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(20 December 2021) Fosun Foundation organizesONE FOSUN CSR Weekin December every year.2021’s ONE FOSUN CSR Week hasbeen held during the week of 13-17 Decemberand outstanding philanthropic campaignshave been showcased.Here below are the wonderful philanthropic campaigns undertookby Fosuners abroad!

Club Med

Purchasing products from farmers to aid families in need and support the business of farmers

Club Med has been promoting economic development around its resorts by gradually changing its supply chain and buying fresh and agroecological products from small family-run farms for the past ten years. In that way, it creates and shares more value locally.

The pandemic and the closure of the resorts suspended this action and had huge impacts on the business of the farmers we support. But to not jeopardize these activities, Club Med mobilized its Foundation to take over and carried out a solidarity action to benefit local populations in the situation of vulnerability. The move was taking place in Cap Skirring (Senegal), Marrakech (Morroco), Albion (Mauritius), and in Bali (Indonesia) for an amount of RMB185,000 and 45,725 beneficiaries.

The objective of the solidarity action is to continue to buy the fresh products from the farmers and, since the resorts are closed, distribute the products to families in need and fragile by the sanitary crisis. The action benefits two groups of people: the farmers maintaining their income and keep on producing and fighting against the precariousness induced by the absence of tourist season by supporting families in need with food baskets.

Millennium BCP

“Together, We Made a Difference” millennium volunteers in action

MillenniumBCP, as part of its participation in the Oeiras Solidarity Program, once again responded positively to a request for support from a local institution, this time the Nossa Senhora das Dores Parish Community Centre in Caxias, returning to face-to-face Volunteering actions after a long interruption imposed by the pandemic. Thus a group of Millennium Volunteers, consisting of12 employeesfrom different areas, reorganized and improved the spaces in the Community Centre dedicated to children and occupation of free time, in an intervention complemented by the donation of food.

This initiative, and the assessment made of the way the experience took place from the perspective of the institution and the volunteers, is a contribution to the preparation and design of the new Corporate Volunteering Programme provided for in the Sustainability Master Plan (SDP) 2021 that the Bank intends to launch soon and which will contribute to the materialization of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and its Social Impact Policy. Through engagement and proximity initiatives with the local community, we are exercising an active, responsible and consistent citizenship that we want to transform into opportunities to Make a Difference among the most vulnerable sections of the population.


B2run: enhancing the adoption of healthier lifestyles and promoting unity

Altogether, we succeeded. Fidelidade joined B2run, the Corporate Race, and was the great B2Run 2021 Winner. For the second time in a virtual format and with a mixed purpose of sports and solidarity, Fidelidade involved its operations abroad, with the participation of around 700 employees and business partners from Spain, France, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, China, Paraguay, and Bolivia, in addition to Portugal. With this participation, Fidelidade em Portugal will help the Food Bank with 1,500 euros, which helped bring food to the table of many Portuguese people. Running, walking, supporting causes, all together, in a solidary embracement that crossed several continents.

About us, Fidelidade was still first ranked in several categories: the fittest company; with more subscribers; with more movement generated; with more km traveled, the fastest company in overall with first place in both female and male participation; the most solidarity, the most international; and we are still the company that generated the more movement in the pre-event. Everyone joined must be highlighted, as Fidelidade was the enormous enthusiasm, commitment, and joy. Fidelidade Macau also won, in the category of smallest company that generated More Movement in the Pre-Event; Fidelidade France, as the Most Fit Company in the small business category; and Aurélie Ribeiro, from Fidelidade France, as the best participant in the marketing area.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Molineux Sleepout charity campaign

In November, over 100 people took part in the Molineux Sleepout to raise awareness of homelessness and food poverty in Wolverhampton. Over £50,000 was raised by participants sleeping outdoors in the stadium's Stan Cullis Stand and helping the vulnerable in the city. The funds will be shared between the Wolves Foundation and local charity, the Good Shepherd, most known for daily food service, but this underpins a range of different support services the charity provides to help people in need.

Several special guests were also in attendance, including Wolves Foundation ambassadors Karl Henry and Johnny Phillips, Mayor of Wolverhampton Greg Brackenbridge, local MP Stuart Anderson, former club secretary Richard Skirrow and Wolves Women manager Dan McNamara. Also showing support were Wolves Foundation ambassador Anna Price and other members of the Wolves Women squad, Good Shepherd ambassadors Carl Ikeme and Natalie Graham, and former goalkeeper Matt Murray.

Former Wolves captain Henry admitted it was another extremely worthwhile event. He said: "Like most people, I didn't get a huge amount of sleep, but I think that is the point, isn't it?" said Wolverhampton-born Henry. It's about putting ourselves in the shoes of those less fortunate who are sleeping rough, and while it was a challenging experience, we knew we were safe. To think people have to do that night-in, night-out, is sobering, though, which is why it is so essential to raise a lot of awareness and funds to support the homeless in Wolverhampton.

Coady’s surprise for Logan

A young participant, Logan Pope, suffered persistent bullying but was given an inspirational surprise by meeting his hero – Wolverhampton Wanderers captain Conor Coady. After hearing Logan's story Conor Coady was keen to meet him, and Wolves Foundation arranged a special surprise at Molineux as part of the UK's National Anti-Bullying Week. Coady then took Logan on a walk around the Molineux, meeting several other first-team players along the way, into the home dressing room, followed by a chat in the dugout.

Logan, who has suffered from severe bouts of anxiety for many years, first worked with the Wolves Foundation on the ’S-X Factor’ music competition. He won the competition and named Conor Coady an inspiration, so the captain asked to meet Logan when some Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

Logan has previously participated in the Foundation's Premier League Kicks program and started as a Wolves ball boy this season. He said:“I was happy enough to be told I was doing the interview, but when I walked into the room and saw Conor Coady, it was like ’wow’. When I first saw him standing there, it was just surreal, but he was really nice and told me he was my mate now. I would never have believed something like this could happen to me; it's amazing. The best day of my life.” Logan's mum Pippa added:“Logan has had so many problems with his anxiety and the horrendous bullying. Every day he walks through the door, there seems to be another story, and some of the other pupils have said some horrible things to him. The Foundation has been so massive for Logan, it has made him feel valued and important, and the opportunity to see his heroes close up gives him such a boost. That's why it was so nice for him to meet Conor, who is such an amazing and inspirational role model and someone we are lucky to have at Wolves.

Peak Reinsurance

A traceless green virtual hike for a green future (virtual hike)

Green Power Hike for a Green Future (virtual hike) promotes nature appreciation and encourages hikers to adopt a "Leave-No-Trace" concept. There is a huge Hiking culture in Hong Kong, and it is essential to minimize impacts on the environment.

By setting up the Traceless Hiker Award, Green Power highly encourages participants to practice the hiking principles of "Leave-No-Trace". Starting with minor changes in individual action and attitude during hiking, together, we can protect our Mother Nature.

There are seven principles of "Leave-No-Trace", including "Plan ahead and prepare", "Travel and camp on durable surfaces", "Dispose of waste properly", "Leave what you find", "Minimise campfire impacts", "Respect wildlife", and "Be considerate of other visitors".

Cooperation with St. James’ Settlement on Rice Packing Program

Giving back to the community that needs it the most, St. James’ Settlement is a well-known charity organization; it provides continuing care, family and counseling, rehabilitation, youth, and community center services.

The Rice Packing Program is to help low-income families who face high pressure on food expenses (around 48% of their whole expenses). Donating food can alleviate this pressure and re-arrange their resources to other costs. The re-packed rice will be delivered to those underprivileged families through the SJS food bank or FOOD-CO.

Hong Kong Marathon Charity Run

Peak Re's sponsorship for the participants will support St. James' Settlements work to support struggling SMEs to offer job opportunities for recent graduates who failed to get their first job through these tough economic times.

RUN corporate virtual run challenge

RUN organized this virtual challenge to re-cognize International Women's Day, focusing on the most vulnerable refugees, particularly women. Peak Re's donations will directly help those refugees who have to carry a massive load of trauma that they experienced. RUN aims to change the negative experience of running into a positive experience.