China-Laos Railway Attracts Exports to Thailand with Fast Loading and Express Traffic

 Published:2021-12-31  【字体:

  As China-Laos railway opens to service, an international freight train loaded with 35 containers departed from Taohuacun Station in Anning City, Yunnan Province on December 17 for Vientiane. It marks the opening of a safer and more convenient transport corridor for economic and trade exchanges between Yunnan and Southeast Asia.

  At 9:30, a freight train carrying 910 tons of adhesive tapes from Yunnan Xinfeida Logistics Development Co., Ltd. departed from the No.14 track in Taohuacun Station Freight Yard of CR Kunming for Laos. The goods will then be transported by road to Thailand.

  According to Xinfeida, the opening of China-Laos Railway has brought great convenience to the company. In the past, it took 9 to 14 days to send the tapes from Caopu (Anning City) to Bangkok, Thailand via sea, which has been cut to just 5 days by rails.

  The return train is said to be loaded with charcoal to provide raw materials for many enterprises in Yunnan.