Thu, 21/04/2022

On Thursday 21 April, the non-profit organisation “Brik - Étudiant à Bruxelles” was offering students the opportunity to make amends for their sins related to the health crisis. They can do so in a confessional in the new student centre "La Poste" in the centre of Brussels, between Boulevard Anspach and Place de la Monnaie.

Brik opens the new "La Poste" student centre in the former Bpost headquarters. Pending the start of the renovation of the building, Brik, in collaboration with the owners Immobel and Whitewood, is making use of a temporarily unused space. The office space of more than 1,500 m² offers many possibilities, which is why Brik is focusing on collaborations with education institutions and organisations with the same target group.

"Organising a temporary student hub goes beyond just offering a physical space; as owner, we want to contribute to the thinking about activities and services for young people in Brussels. Therefore, in addition to study spaces, the student hub will also be the setting for various social and cultural activities for young people," explains Sven Lenaerts, Head of CSR at Immobel.

The main part of the student centre will be transformed into a study area "La Poste", which is open from 19 April to 31 October 2022. This study space can accommodate 200 students and will adapt its opening hours to the needs of the student. During exam periods, it will also be open at weekends and late into the night.

To inaugurate the student centre "La Poste" in a festive way and to give the students a clear conscience, Brik proposed a confessional in collaboration with Cirq. In this confessional, students were able to confess all their sins of the last two years without fear of a fine: attending parties during the lockdown, sitting in the park drinking a beer, visiting a lover after midnight...

The student centre 'La Poste' is made possible by the support of Sven Gatz, member of the College of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), responsible for Education and School Construction. Minister Gatz will made his own confession at the inauguration.

Brik - Student in Brussels vzw is the reception service for Dutch-speaking students and higher education institutions in Brussels. With the support of the Flemish government and in collaboration with the VGC, Brik provides services and information to students on living in the city, housing, studying and mobility.

Immobel's approach
Immobel is committed to systematically analysing whether empty buildings can be used on a temporary basis. The aim is to make spaces available for social, non-profit and cultural initiatives or to support entrepreneurs and the local economy. We see temporary use as a tool to revitalise our cities, as a commitment to the local community and to test new functions.

Immobel has collaborated with Brik in transforming the first floor of the Oxy project into a study space for students, but other cultural and social activities for students will be added gradually.

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